Texas Style Council: The swap party!

Gorgeous girls Kendi & Jen

KylaJen, Me, Kendi

Julie, Amanda, Merl, Me

Hi friends! I’m back from Texas!

Can’t wait to tell you about it all! Veronika was kind enough to take some outfit photos for me while we were away, so I’ll share those once I get them from her. yay! Unfortunately the weather + traffic on the first night were soooooooo sucky that we didn’t have a chance to snap any. bummer. This is about as close as it’ll get – recognise the dress? It’s the highland dress from my winter collection. It’s pretty much Chris’ favourite dress these days.

So the first event of the weekend was the Lulus + Swap.com clothing swap party. It was a lot of fun! First we all lined up to register, then it was just swapping and chatting time!

see that’s me asking  Emily “how long is this line??”

Julie, Jen, Yen & Veronika chit chatting

Basically the idea was that you bring 2 pieces of clothing to swap, they tagged them with our names/blog details and then you can choose 2 pieces of clothing someone else brought to bring home with you. How rad right? The problem is, me being the chatterbox that I am, I got distracted and forgot to take home 2 items. Idiot! hehehe buuuut on the plus side, Lulus.com were also giving away a free item of clothing to all attendees so I managed to snag a really awesome gold top (I promise I won’t wear it like the model. cross my heart).

I think my favourite thing about the last weekend was finally getting to meet a lot of the amazing friends i’ve made over the last few  years i’ve been blogging. I’ve loved getting to know these girls over the internet, and in real life I was so pleased to find we all got along so well and I feel our friendships are even stronger now. I think that’s really cool :)

I loved my roomies: Tieka, Veronika, Emily & Andrea – these are some of the sweetest and most fun girls ever. I’m so glad we got to cram into a car together and buy fuzzy socks in the middle of the night (did I mention the weather sucked and it was freeeeezing in Austin??). Seriously, it’s so weird to spend 3 days in the same room with a bunch of girls and have no girl drama (you know what i mean right??) – that’s how nice these girls were. All laughs and sweetness. Thanks soooo much to Tieka for driving us everywhere and organising all the accommodation and everything perfectly!

Veronika, Julie, Kyla, Jen, Me, AmandaMerl, Emily,  Tieka

{all photos via Swapaholics Facebook page}

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  1. says

    Aw, these photos are absolutely fantastic!! And you looked so gorgeous & stylish at all of the events. It was such a pleasure to meet you – it’s sad we can’t do a little blogger meet-up/dinner more often. Big smooches! V

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks Veronika!! i’m so so glad we got to meet and hang out too! It’s so sad we all live so far from each other! I hope you and Martin had a smooth trip home!! Hugs my friend!!

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks Anna!! I actually stole those tights from Veronika for the night (it was freezing) and I’m so in love with them I think i have to find a pair for myself now!!
      I hope you are well hun!!