as seen on: A bird in the hand

I’m not sure exactly how we started chatting – but Elle is one of my very favourite penpals. I adore her. She’s an Aussie girl living in London, and she’s a sweetpea. Her emails always give me the biggest smile!! We recently did a little vintage teacup swap – and it was so fun!! She sent me a very British teacup and I sent her an American teacup. Love her :)

Anyway, I was obviously thrilled when she bought the Ridgeway top from my winter collection. Doesn’t it look wonderful on her??

You can read more about her on her blog!

Photo credit // A bird in the hand

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, Meg, I have been SO out of the loop I didn’t even SEE this! Thanks so much for featuring me, I’m so flattered (and so glad you liked my styling!) xxxx