block printing

Lately I’ve really been enjoying trying my hand at some different techniques. I find that if I’m not learning something new I get bored really quickly – so as soon as that feeling emerges I try and tackle a new area i haven’t tried before. My current favourite crafting book is Lena Corwin’s Printing by Hand. I highly recommend it! It’s a really thorough book on how to print to paper and fabric using traditional hand methods – and I’m obsessed with it. Things like rubber stands, lino stamps, screen printing etc It’s so fun! The picture above was my first attempt at block printing on some card stock with a hand carved stamp. I used a watercolour picture of some Banksia’s that I did back in 2010 as the inspiration.  I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out for a first try.

My goal is to print up some tea towels and maybe even a table cloth (if i get reallllly ambitious). Lately I’ve just been so drawn to a lot of handprinted home decor items that I’ve seen all over Etsy, it’s really inspired me to try making some for myself. Here’s hoping it goes well!! If not, I’ll have a really great set of new drop cloths! hehehehehehe

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  1. says

    What a coincidence, I’ve just bought the same book but haven’t started to experiment yet.
    One thing that really disappointed me is the section on rubber stamps, as the author writes to “go have the stamp made in a shop”. Thank you very much, you taught me nothing!

    • MegMeg says

      yes i agree, i found that irritating too – as well as the section on “burning” a screen was rather dissapointing – i really would have liked to hear more about that process!! Oh well, i guess no book is going to be perfect hehe

  2. says

    This is lovely! What a fun project. Can’t wait to see what this new talent produces! This print would look great on a lightweight caftan for summer! Might have to pick up the book :)