holly christmas garland tutorial

Like I mentioned yesterday I really love Christmas decorating. The thing is though – i really like all my decorations to co-ordinate – and I’m just not a huge fan of tinselly type things these days. But I do have a inexplicable love for Holly. So I decided to make some Holly garlands to decorate the house with. I like the fact that they’ll last well, so I can use them year after year.

They were so simple to put together, but I think the effect is really pretty and really unique!

Here’s what I did…

Start with some red felt and some green felt, and some wide double fold bias tape in green. I love felt for this kind of thing because it doesn’t fray, so you don’t need to hem anything!!

Cut the leaves out of the green (duh hehehe).  I kept the top of the leaves straight so that there’d be maximum room to sew (i want them to be secure).

Cut a lot of little circles out of red for the berries

Lay out the bias tape, and place a couple of leaves inside, then a few berries on top. Pin in place. Do this at regular intervals along the length of your bias tape. You don’t have to keep the configuration the same. I changed how many leaves and berries i used each time just to keep things looking more casual and quirky and less umm mass produced.

Then sew right along the top! If you don’t have a sewing machine, never fear – I think this would work just as well with craft glue. I would first glue the leaves on the inside of the bias tape, then glue the berries on top.

I’m really in love with these garlands! I made two, and I think i’ll need to make a few more as I have too many places i want to hang them :) I played around with the configuration a lot, but finally settled on stringing them across the longest wall in our living room. I kind of wish I had an excuse to leave them there year round :)

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  1. Tash says

    Fab tutorial, thank you! These look great! I stupidly forgot I needed extra wide bias binding but carried on with my narrow piece! This made it a little bit fiddly and I had to sew the berries on after. Next time I will definitely use the extra wide stuff! They still look fab though, and fun to do…..great project!