fabric wrapped christmas presents

I really hate waste. And to be honest, it drives me nuts how much stuff we throw in the trash. Even more so at Christmas, because it seems like every single tiny toy we buy the kids comes packed in the most ridiculous amount of stuff, that will inevitably end up in the trash. Then add to that all the wrapping paper that’s also just going in the trash, and i start getting really cranky.

So this year I decided to try something different. I wrapped our presents in fabric and ribbon! After thanksgiving when JoAnns was having ridiculous sales, I went and bought up yards and yards of Christmas fabric at half price. Yep it was a costly trip. But somehow, I really don’t mind! I’m looking forward to the fact that after christmas day i can fold up all the fabric and ribbons and pack them away ready for next year.

The one issue i foresaw was that it might make wrapping harder. Then i was really surprised to find it didn’t at all! There were a few funny shapped presents that were harder – but i used a teeny bit of scotch tape in a few places, and that helped secure it.

Honestly, I would highly recommend this to anyone else – I actually think our presents look prettier like this!!! Originally i was planning to hem or serge all the edges, but ran out of time, so i left them raw. But considering they’re only going to used once a year, i don’t think fraying is going to be such an issue. Most pieces are a yard long, but some are 2 yards long for larger packages, and i got one piece 3 yards long just in case. I also like the idea that since i’ve left them as large pieces of fabric rather than sewing them into sacks or something – if i change my mind later, I can always use them for something else, like tablecloths or napkins or a million christmas-y crafts!

(Oh and yep – I know it is a little weird that we put our presents on top of our fireplace, not under the tree – but honestly, it just seemed stupid to put them in reach of toddlers! hehe i don’t think they’d have lasted 5 seconds! hehehe)

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    This is such a sweet idea. I usually end up using whatever recycled paper/bags I can find for wrapping. I’m a big fan of Butcher paper and twine but maybe next year I’ll manage to upgrade to some fabric wrapped presents.

  2. says

    I wanted to do this, but was voted down – perhaps I should stock up after Christmas. At least I have som me-made presents under the tree.

    For wrapping, I would probably pin the fabric while wrapping and then remove the pins once they were secured by the ribbon. Just a thought I had while reading.

  3. says

    I did this as well! I took scrap fabric and bandanas that I had lying around and wrapped our presents in them. To secure, I took a few stitches here and there with my basting thread!

  4. says

    I LOVE that idea! My present are unfortunately all wrapped so I’ll ahve to try this for birthdays and next christmas… thanks – they look so pretty!