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October 28th, 2011

I cant believe I haven’t shown you all a proper tour of my new workspace here in Virginia. It took me a while to get organised well, because the room is a lot smaller and a different shape than the work area i had in Iowa ( read: excuse to go shopping at Ikea hehehe)

I guess it’s still pretty similar though. I still have a corner with my desks for sewing & my computer, and packaging space – and I still have my cutting table in the middle of the room.

With my pinboard, earlier in the season (like whilst I’m designing & sketching a lot) I like to use it for all my inspirations and fabric ideas and things – but once I’m in the full swing of production, I tend to have more simple technical drawings with the matching swatches, and buttons etc – to help me keep track of everything!

And like always, I’ve got my drawers for the current seasons patterns.

But I’ve added a nice big cube shelf for all the stuff I need regularly (i can’t believe how much it is). And of course my girls – I like to have all my dress forms around, but I think I may need to just start having one on hand, since they do take up room.

I have a little basket in the corner for the fabric on bolts. And one of my favourite additions is 2 rather large cupboards for all the fabric I am currently working with. Though admittedly there are still boxes and cupboards of the stuff in the basement… but lets not talk about that! lol

I don’t really keep my iron out all the time any more, just when i’m sewing – as the kids started trying to climb the ironing board all the time, and that’s just dangerous! Especially considering what a beast this iron is!

I’ve also started using my hanging rack in the main sewing space. I used to keep it out of sight in the basement, but a few months ago I found that it was really useful to have it right next to me all the time. This way i can keep stock close by, and hang any half done projects (which really helps keep my mind organised!)


11 Responses

  1. Your space is so beautiful! :)

  2. Sarah says:

    Everything looks so well organized! I bet having a nice working area makes designing so much easier! :)

  3. Eva says:

    Your creative studio is really nice and well organized
    I just found your blog and I like it. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Kelly says:

    This looks to lovely Megan! When I get a bigger place I’m going to get a sewing machine & teach myself how to sew! (Perhaps after the PhD ;)
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

    • Meg says:

      You totally should!! I bet you’ll come up with some really gorgeous things – i love sewing, such a fun hobby!

  5. I love this peek into your studio. It seems like an inspiring space to work in! Thanks for sharing. I think it’s always interesting to see how and where people work.

  6. Lo Hood says:

    This is so inspiring! What is that second smaller sewing machine w all the bobbins? I feel like I should know this but I see them all the time… Thanks for sharing! -Lo

    • Meg says:

      It’s my serger/overlocker! I use it for sewing with stretchy fabrics and for neatening the edges of seams :)

      Glad you liked my little tour hun! xoxo

  7. Meg says:

    Your space looks great! I’m very jealous. :)

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