playdough storage

I don’t normally post stuff like this, but I felt like a genius after coming up with this idea, so I couldn’t help but share!

My kids are obsessed with playdough. Like, we play with it every day, and I’ve had to start making it myself because of the sheer quantity we go through. We have so much now that storage has become an issue – since i make it myself i used to keep it in the fridge in zip lock bags, and was constantly losing one of the colours. So the other day when trying to figure out how i could store all in the same place, with the play things – I remember my obsession with Ikea storage boxes. Mostly these ones. (I’m sure my sister in law Sophie is thrilled that I now live near an Ikea and no longer make her buy them for me hehe )

I was able to put all the different colours in one box, with all their favourite play dough toys – and it fits neatly in the fridge. I feel like a hero!! a genius hero!!

Oh and yes, those are tiny Aussie flags my kids are playing with – we like our playtime to be uber patriotic in this family hehe.

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  1. Liz Zandona says

    Are the containers air tight? I tried using one of my husbands storage containers that he stores flys (fishing) in but the play dough just dried out…but if these dont do that then Im all over that :)… is a wonderful idea thanks for the post

    • MegMeg says

      Hi Liz! They actually aren’t very airtight at all. They close pretty well, but they’re certainly not airtight. I was definitely expecting the dough to dry out a lot quicker now, but it’s lasted weeks – i wonder if it closes just tight enough to prevent that? or perhaps it’s just SUPER humid here! hehe

  2. says

    Your kids are SO cute! Great idea for the playdough storage. Although I’m not going to be using it anytime soon ;)

  3. Kelly says

    Ohhh, how I love(d) Play Dough! Do they like Silly Putty too? I still buy it once in a while. :-)

    • MegMeg says

      You know what, I haven’t given them silly putty yet – that’s a great idea!! I bet they would love it! Eeeeep thanks hun – you’ve now given me an idea for another activity!

  4. Sister in Law Sophie says

    You’re right, I am Thrilled that you live near an Ikea, but only because i know how much you like it! Trust me, i never minded going there to pick something up for you :)

    • MegMeg says

      hehe i love you sophs :) Well i’m glad all those times didn’t turn you against me! hehe. Honestly, I really am so grateful for all the trips you made to ikea for me!!! You really are the best. XOXO

  5. says

    awww…you girls are so nice to each other.. we all love Sophs and we love you too, Megan!
    how lucky am i to have such wonderful young women in my family. ( no Annelise, you are not chopped liver, and of course we all love you too!!!)
    the photos are delightful and love those curls on my grandsons head…

  6. says

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