how do i become a designer?

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking this question.Β How do I become a designer?? And to be honest, it’s one I sometimes find hard to answer. It’s not that I’m stupid (hehe well gosh lets hope not!), it’s that I don’t feel that I am an expert on the subject, or that there is a clear cut answer for everyone. Most careers have a very set path to getting to the end goal – but I feel like careers in design aren’t the same. Especially these days where being a “designer” doesn’t necessarily mean working for someone else, and independent designers are growing in numbers and success, and etching out their own individual pathways of getting there.

So instead of answering this the way I normally do (in a loooong rambling email), I’m going to share my story and my advice as well as featuring a different designer every few weeks who will share their story and advice on the subject too. A little bit of a series, which I think I’m gonna call: Becoming a Designer (working title hehe).Β Since we’ve all followed different paths I think that collectively we can better answer the slightly tricky question of how on earth someone becomes a designer.

I haven’t decided yet whether I will be spreading my own story over a few posts, or capping off the series with it… I’m fickle, so I guess I’ll figure it out later :)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!! I’m going to be kicking it off at the end of the week with a guest post from one of my dearest friends!!

Dress: Megan Nielsen, made with fabric given to me by Emy
Necklace: Vintage via Ebay
Tights: c/o We Love Colours (rust)
Bangle: Jcrew
Belt: Coach, ($2!!!) vintage from my local thrift store (aptly named “Thrift Store” haha)
Shoes: Relativity, via Younkers



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  1. says

    Love the dress too! Plus, I am obsessed with your bangs! I wish mine looked that full and fab. It gives you a totally different look. Peter Pan collar anything because this looks great :)

  2. says

    I’m looking forward to your little series! That outfit is gorgeous too, btw–I’m loving the pop of the tights! :)

    ? Casey

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks!! I was originally nervous about the bright colour, but now I can’t get enough of them :)

  3. Bethany says

    I’m looking forward to this series as well! “Designer” can mean so many different things. I have a BS in Design (Industrial Design, basically product design) but find myself “designing” everything from websites, clothes, furniture, catalogs/ads, quilts, my yard, etc etc… I think designer means you are infected with a creativity bug and it winds up in everything you do! I adore your work. It’s beautiful.

  4. says

    oh boy… that is a complicated topic that you are covering. I always thought I would be a designer, went to school and everything but things are different now and I like it. Weird how life hands you unexpected twists..

    • MegMeg says

      I know right? It makes all nervous even trying to discuss it!

      You know I often wondered why you didn’t end up in design – I should really email you and ask hey? hehe XOXO

  5. *emy says

    WHAT!?! NO WAY you made that dress out of the fabric I sent you!?! Geez louis you should have no trouble with said subject my dear! You are a true visionary and a great inspiration to me! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  6. says

    New to your blog, so Hello! (although I hadn’t realised until recently that I’d stumbled across some of your tutorials (easy pattern grading) a couple of years ago. Only just made the connection!) Anyhooo, looking forward to this series. It’s an interesting question. I guess I’ve always believed that you either are a designer or you’re not. That it’s something that’s in you rather than something you become. Does that make sense? I guess the trick is being able to make a living out of it!!
    That dress is great!

    • MegMeg says

      Hi Portia!! So nice to hear from you! You make a really good point actually! I actually totally agree – I’m planning on looking at the question more from the point of view of starting a business, or entering a career path assuming you have the talent to back it up :)

  7. says

    Oooo, I’m looking forward to this series. I love design (I sometimes think my ultimate job would be a production designer). However, I’m afraid to turn into a career, so I studied something different in school.

    I adore this outfit, head to toe. The orange makes it for me. :)

  8. says

    I’m glad you’re devoting what sounds like several postings to answering this question. There are many of us who often wonder dreamily… (o:

  9. says

    Hi lovely! $2.00?! That is absolute insanity! I am so jealous right now. You look so so gorgeous. I love these red tights on you. I have a pair of red/rusty tights that someone got me for Christmas and I havent gotten up the guts to wear them yet. You have inspired me! Your blog is amazing. So glad I found it today! xoxo