DIY: how to make a ruffle tank top from old tights

Check it out, it’s day 3 of repurposing my ripped tights – and I still have fabric to spare!! Yippee!!! Feeling good!

Meanwhile, yesterday I tried to take my own photos using my tripod again… and I umm suck at using a tripod. So I was really thrilled when when my hubby got home in time to take some snaps of this little top for me. Look I’m in focus! haha. Speaking of which, Chris tells me this is his current favourite top of mine. Based on that alone, I’m gonna say this project was a success! Considering it’s just an old camisole embellished with fabric from an old pair of tights – it’s a winner.

What do you think? I’m kind of loving it – I can see I’m going to enjoy it under a cardi as well as on its own.

Let’s do this:

  1. Get out an old cami or tank top
  2. Here’s what I have left of my tights.

    Cut the legs into 1″ wide tubes
  3. Cut the tubes open on one side so that you end up with 1″ wide strips. I used 7 strips in total – but you may need more or less depending on your top
  4. On your sewing machine, stitch very close to the edge using the longest stitch on your machine.
  5. Gather up the strip and pin it about an inch from the neckline – repeat this with more strips until you reach the other side. For me it took 3 strips to get from one end to the other
  6. Over at your sewing machine stitch on top of the gathered edge using a zig zag stitch, to secure all of those pieces. Then carefully cut away all of the excess threads
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add another layer of ruffles above the current layer
  8. You could just leave it like this, but I”m a neat freak, and having that raw edge show was making me crazy. So I took at last strip, and used it to cover the raw edges. Basically I use folded it over the edge so that in the front it covered the raw edge and in the back it was far enough down that i would sew over it.
  9. Stitch over the top of this binding, once again using a zig zag stitch, and you’re done!

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  1. says

    What a fantastic DIY!! I love how this looks – I would never know that the ruffle came from a pair of old tights! Too awesome!

    PS – Not to sound like a creeper or anything, but I think you live in the same neighborhood as my best friends in town! Y’all should have a playdate or something! :)

    • MegMeg says

      I don’t think you’re a creeper!! I think you’re a sweetie! Gosh, it would be hysterical if we did live in the same neighborhood! small world!

  2. says

    I love this week of old tights projects! I feel so wasteful just throwing them away but never know what to do with them.

  3. Corinna Marcia says

    I’m so excited to try this out! I have the perfect old maroon tank top that I need to fix a strap on, and a ruined pair of floral tights I’ve been trying to figure out how to repurpose.

    All these projects are super cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • MegMeg says

      Oh my goodness that sounds like an adorable combination!! Let me know if you try it out!!

  4. says

    This looks awesome! Definitely need to try it and I’ll try to sew some ruffles on the shoulder straps too.

  5. says

    So cute and simple! I keep seeing embellished tank tops in the stores and I’m remembering how I used to embellish my tanks – I’m finding myself wanting to start doing that again before summer hits!

  6. says

    Your ruffle top is pretty. I need to sit down and sew one of my camisoles with ruffles, now that I know how to assemble and sew them, hope the threads do not break on me.

  7. Natalie says

    I love this! I couldn’t come up with any good ideas for repurposing my many many old tights.
    Thanks! :)

  8. Lea says

    Love the tank, but really love the skirt. Is it diy or storebought? would love some feedback on that, looks like seersuckers on a chevron. so cute!

  9. Anna-Lee says

    I have to second the question about the skirt. I love it! Did you make it? If so, do you have a tutorial for it?