DIY: Bow headband from ripped tights

It’s a sad moment… when you rip a favourite pair of tights. Unfortunately on this day such a tragedy occurred. Whats worse is that those tights only cost me $2 on sale… which makes them irreplaceable (don’t fight my logic).

So anyway, I was chatting to Linley the other day about how I wanted to find a way to use my sad, maimed tights – and I got a little inspired to do a whole week of tights DIY projects. From one pair of tights. That’s right, I plan on doing 5 projects with one pair of tights. Now is where I need to encourage myself not to hyperventilate thinking about how little fabric there actually is in a pair of tights. haha.

Anyway, I digress. When I was back home over Christmas, I was shopping at – you guessed it – Witchery, when I saw a super cute pinky/nude headband that I could have sworn was made from tights. Hello inspiration. Some things just scream, PLEASE DIY ME!

So here it is! You know whats great? It’s a no sew DIY. happy days.

Want to make one of your own?

  1. Get an old pair of tights
  2. Cut off the top of the waistband – about 1″, then cut it in half again so it’s a 1/2″ wide – we don’t want to use the very top of the waistband, because I want there to be 2 strands to the headband
  3. from the top of the thigh (I’ll be using the bottom for another project) cut a 3″ tall band.
  4. Cut a small strip from the very top of the waistband that we have left over
    Now we have all our pieces
  5. Take the 3″ tall tube, and scrunch that piece into the shape of a bow, and then place on the seam of the headband strands (to cover up the seam)
  6. Use the small strip to tie the bow to the headband, making sure the knot is in the back
  7. Trim the excess, and you’re done!

I’m pretty happy with the way that turned out (despite my inexplicably grumpy facial expressions!). Stay tuned for another tomorrow!

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    • MegMeg says

      Thanks hun!! Well you totally inspired me – though you may notice, i did leave the “bedazzle” off. hehe

  1. Rebecca says

    I love this!! I feel so inspired, I want to make one tonight! Can’t wait to see the next ideas!

  2. says

    As a serial tights-ripper, I am thrilled by this idea (I think I even have a candidate pair to try this out on tonight…)! All I’ve ever DIYed with ripped tights was ghetto trouser socks to wear with pants and heels to the office.

    • MegMeg says

      hehe I can’t stop laughing about your “ghetto” trouser socks. I’m sure they looked great!

  3. says

    I just got a run in my favorite pair of gray tights too!! I think I want to try and make this headband and maybe the cami frill. I hope it’s okay I mentioned this is my very very new blog. You are so creative coming up with these ideas and your designs are just gorgeous!

  4. says

    Ok….you are amazing! I just stumbled into your beautiful blog, and I can’t stop looking :) I love this “tights” theme you’ve got going on lately! Such creative ideas!!! Thanks for all the inspiration :)
    Can’t wait for more posts!

  5. says

    Hi, Megan. I just found your blog and I love it! I’m also in love with how many fun DIY projects you were able to make out a pair of tights. I haven’t been able to throw some of mine with holes away, but I never had a reason why. Now, I’m so glad I kept them. Thanks for sharing!

    • MegMeg says

      WOW Bette!!! I love your projects!!! They turned out sooooo cute!! I totally love the ruffle you put on the socks!! Thanks so much for sharing your link hun! XOXO

  6. says

    I just made this headband in all of 5 minutes and it’s wonderful! So so so adorable, a wonderful idea for ruined tights!

  7. Caitlin says

    I didn’t have an old pair of tights so i went out and bought a pair off the clearance rack. It turned out so cute and it was incredibly easy too make! thanks for this tutorial! definitely worth the 2 bucks for the tights!

  8. lindy says

    Next i cut really thin strips out of the leg parts so they were still circles, and i used them as ponytail holders. i seem to always have a lot of ripped tights and an alarming shortage of ponytail holders so this plan is genius.