so you want pink pants hey?

I’m sometimes (okay often) really bad at explaining how I came up with stuff. I make it, and wear it- and expect that when I show it to you guys, everyone will magically know how I got there. Well turns out my husband isn’t the only person who can’t read my mind!! hehe

So lets talk about my pink skinny jeans – which I officially adore, and I’m so pleased to find out you guys like too!! Well the original inspiration from these jeans of Bunny’s (which if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I absolutely covet and have bought the exact same pair for Bunny for the last 3 winters in a row). Then when I saw my dear friend Kendi in her red Gap cords I thought I may have found the “grown up” version. But they did not work on me. Like at all. I tried them on in Gap a couple of times, and they just looked shocking on me. And not in a good way. I figure it’s just that red isn’t my strongest colour. But I knew that more pinky version work well on me, so I got creative. I went TJ Maxx and found a pair of white jeans ($5!!). When I got them home I washed and tumble dried them (always a good idea when you buy stuff, because they put chemicals in the clothing to make it look good in the store). Then I took out my favourite shade of RIT dye, “Wine” – and I dyed the pants!! I’ve done a couple of posts on this in the past, but all you need to do to dye something is fill a bucket with really hot water (even hot out of the tap is fine!), mix the dye in well, then submerge the item for a few hours (sometimes you can get away with less). Stir it a few times to makes sure it get’s equally dyed. Rinse till the water runs clear and you’re done! I like to add the extra step of washing and tumble drying them on their own afterwards, just to make sure no dye is left.

Since I wanted to make mine into skinny jeans, I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t shrink on me after I’d cut and sewn them (it’s happened before). So I wore them as boot cuts for a few weeks, and washed and tumble dried them between uses, till I was sure all the dye was set, and the pants wouldn’t shrink anymore. Then I laid my favourite skinnies on top, cut around them on the hem and inside legs (leaving seam allowance) then sewed them up, and hemmed again. Taaa daaaaaa! (it’s kind of a similar project to these leggings I made from track pants)

Wanna know why I think this is a great project? You can perfectly customize your own colour, no-one will have the exact same pants, and for some unknown reason (sarcasm) white jeans seem to be in abundance in thrift stores. I’m thinking turquoise jeans next – what do you think?

Pink skinny jeans: Lee, dyed using RIT dye in “Wine” , and skinnied by me
Cardigan: Gap, overdyed (I’ll show you how I did this next time!)
Top: gift from my SIL
Shoes: BCBG, via TJ Maxx
Belt: Target
Pendat: Vintage, family heirloom from my mom

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  1. says

    yay i love RIT dye! unfortunately, in college it’s hard to dye stuff without totally killing the bathroom/washing machine that has to be shared between everyone, so i save my dyeing for when i’m home on vacations. LOVE the pink and love the whole head-to-toe look!

    happy valentine’s day!

  2. says

    I have one cardigan that I’ve dyed myself, I’m actually wearing it today! I’m so stinking proud of this sweater, I tell everyone who compliments the color that I dyed it myself! I’ve wanted a pair of colored skinny jeans for a while and I have some white ones that fit me pretty well actually. I should just bite the bullet and do it! Love your dye projects, happy valentines day!

  3. Carla says

    Can I ask you an altering question? I have tried several times to alter bootcut jeans to skinny and have a hard time not getting a lump on the side seam. I don’t usually take in the hip, so I sew from the ankle up, trying to smoothly merge into the existing seam, but often get a weird bump that is visible once the jeans are right side out and on the body. Do you know any tricks to avoid this?
    Love today’s post! I have a yellow cable sweater in a bucket with some navy rit today :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    • MegMeg says

      I know exactly what you mean! but I don’t think I have a special trick for avoiding it :( I find the way I avoid it is just by making the merge over a larger distance – as in if you try and merge the new seam with the existing too soon you get a bulge, but if you merge very slowly perhaps not? The only other thing I can think is that perhaps there is too much seam allowance in the new edge?
      Sorry I wish I could have been more help!

      • Carla says

        Thank you, that is encouraging! Lets me know that I am not doing something really wrong. I will try merging slower and keep practicing…oh faithful seam ripper! :) Hope life gets a little less crazy for you soon!

  4. Annelise Nielsen says

    I love that you wear so much colour in winter! But why do the shoes look purple in the photos but red at the bottom?

      • Annelise says

        Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that! I thought maybe you were like me and bought the same shoes in multiple colours!! Especially because they are such beautiful shoes I would want them in multiple colours!

  5. says

    At first I was thinking, “pink jeans, o…kay” but the more I look at them the more awesome they get. I’m not a pink kinda gal but these are really amazing and such a clever (yet so simply obvious) way to get the colour you want.


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