the little things that mean the world

It’s amazing to me how sometimes you’ll think that no has noticed when you do something really hard – when all the while your efforts are actually being greatly appreciated. This last weekend was a really hard one for me, I’m not gonna lie. All the standing up at various wedding things and family get togethers was killing my toe, and since it was Chris’ sister getting married I was doing my best to quietly take the kid load so that he could enjoy the family time. The kids didn’t do so well with the trip, and at the rehearsal dinner I completely missed my meal, and at the wedding I missed the whole reception.

I didn’t mind though (and I’d do it again), because I was so glad Chris could enjoy himself – but honestly, I was worn out, sad I’d missed out and thought no-one had noticed or cared. Until yesterday. When I found the sweetest letter ever from my hubby telling me how much he appreciated me, and my in-laws took us out to dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (I had the New Zealand Lamb – yum!) , and gave me the sweetest present from Banana Republic (I think it’s well known how much I love Banana!). I was blown away and so touched by their thoughtfulness. It’s hard being a wife and mom, and sometimes the work you do goes unnoticed – but it sure is wonderful when it doesn’t!!!

Skirt: Megan Nielsen, Kelly skirt
Top: Witchery
Necklace: Vintage, via Ebay
Bangle: Jcrew
Sandals: Steve Madden
Belt: The miss shop, Myer

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  1. says

    I thought your sandals were from Old Navy, since they too practically have the same style from the looks of your picture.

    I’m glad your husband knows how hard you work :)

  2. Kayla says

    What a sweet hubby. Sometimes unfortunately it’s everyone’s turn to take a back seat; it’s hard for everyone out there. (It can’t just be me and you!) Have a better weekend and enjoy that you look amazing in that skirt!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. kelly says

    All the tough stuff is so much easier to handle when you have an appreciative husband. I’m glad everything ended up ok. The pictures were wonderful and everybody looks happy and handsome!
    By the way, I LOVE the skirt in khaki!! Kelly

  4. says

    aw what an incredible trooper mama and wife you are! seriously, you sound like the best. it was really good to read that you got treated to dinner and BR–it sounds like you really deserved it.
    p.s. those sandals are ALMOST as cute as birks :)

  5. *y* says

    What a blessing to have such thoughtful family. It is such a nice feeling to be appreciated. You’re a trooper, Meg.
    And I absolutely LOVE that skirt, and it looks AWESOME on you :)