the straight and narrow

Hello new haircut. Recently I’ve been growing out my hair, and just getting my bangs trimmed. It was a bit of an experiment, and what I’ve learnt is that though I love my hair long, I don’t love it really long. So when I had a haircut this week, I lopped off a bunch of it. A good couple of inches I reckon. yikes!

And just for fun, my stylish straightened it for me. Its fun for a change, but it feels sooo weird. And it’s kinda freaking Chris out – so I don’t think I’ll wear it this straight often. Though now that I look at these photos I’ve realised it’s length when straight is how long I asked for it to be when curly. uh oh. Lets hope it doesn’t spring up too short when I wash it. otherwise there might be tears. From me and hubby. hehe

And in case you were wondering – I am still seeing the stylist who I was accidentally a jerk to. I really like her, and she’s very forgiving. Thank goodness… though it means I’ll probably always give her HUGE tips… lol

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to start naming the random things I’ve designed for myself that aren’t part of specific collections. For kicks. So I’m calling this skirt the Kelly skirt – after the lovely reader who is always the first to comment whenever I wear it. I’m so glad you love it hun!! I’m going to add this skirt to the list of patterns I’m making, so hopefully in the next few months you can make your own :)

Skirt: Megan Nielsen, Kelly skirt
Cardigan: Portmans
Tank: Target
Gladiator sandals: Ninewest
Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Agate necklace: Vintage, family heirloom from my mom

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  1. Jessie says

    Love the hair, Meg! I can’t believe it didn’t frizz up on you immediately in this humidity, though! I need your products! :-)

  2. kelly says

    I am so touched! I look forward to making my own skirt. I will, however, always call it the “Megan” skirt! Your hair looks really good. I love your curls, but then I have straight hair. Seems we always want what we don’t have! Kelly

  3. Justine says

    I love the skirt! Your hair looks great! I am going to trim my hair (2-3 inches, I can’t decide, I am terrified of hair cuts.) next week. AH!