DIY Fridays: How to make cutoffs from old jeans

Firstly, I just want to say a really really big thank you to everyone for being so encouraging yesterday. I was very down in the dumps about my toe – and I’m feeling much more chipper today after all your encouraging words (and an email pep talk from another reluctant Birkenstock wearer – did you guys know Tania broke her toe this summer too???)

Back on topic!! Cut offs are something I swore I’d never wear. Partly because I have an aversion to things that look distressed or homemade, and partly because I’ve watched way way too many episodes of Arrested Development.

But I’ve seen soooo many of my friends rocking them out this summer, that like a little sheep I’m jumping on the band wagon.

Honestly though, I can’t bring myself to buy something that looks ruined – since I can ruin it myself – right? Plus all of the ones in stores are way way shorter than my comfort level…

So I made my own! Want to make some like me?

I love easy DIY’s :) (you can see how I wore them cuffed yesterday) (oh and ps. these photos are pre toe injury, I promise I am being a good girl and wearing the birks… no matterΒ  how tragic they are!)

Top: Megan Nielsen (pattern coming next week – help me name it here!)
Shorts: DIY, made from old jeans
Shoes: Zu
Necklace: Vintage avon, via ebay

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  1. says

    Funny enough I love Birkenstocks. I have high arcs so I can’t wear many of the flat sandals available and the Birks fit my feet like a glove hugging every angle. I haven’t seen any here at home (if i did they woul dbe mad expensive too) but I saw a knock off pair that came very close and bought it. I dubbed them my ugly shoes because quite frankly they are (silver and black)…the real Birks look soooooooo much better and come in a variety of styles.

    I’ve got several pairs of old jeans and I will definitely be joining the cut-off movement since it’s like summer all year round on my island