All dressed up – giving my tunic top a second chance

Well guys, after all of your encouragement last week, I’m feeling a little better about my tunic top, and realised I might have been a tad harsh on it, and decided to give it another go!! Big thanks to the suggestions I got, you really inspired me to try wearing it in a couple of different ways.

So what do you think? Success? Have you got a fave?

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  1. Ilyse says

    Loving it in these styles! It’d be hard to pick a favorite, they all look fabulous on you.

  2. says

    2 and 5 – especially 5! I love how you remixed the heck outta that shirt! All of these are so great. You look awesome!

  3. says

    I love it tucked into that first skirt. The pattern play is perfect! I’m also a big fan of it tied in a knot with the jeans. Glad you gave it a second try!

    Hope you’re having fun on your trip!

  4. Tiri says

    2 is my favorite. SOO cute! I imagine you taking a summertime stroll down a boardwalk, munchkins in tow, eating ice cream, having a blast a looking the part!

  5. says

    I think all of these are so cute! and so different to each other.
    My fave is the second one, the skirt and belt are so adorable.

  6. Ally says

    I like the last look. The long pencil skirt adds some sophistication. Look 2 is pretty too.

  7. Judi B says

    #5 is my fave since I’m always looking for “nice enough for work” compositions. It’s very versatile and clearly worth keeping in the portfolio.

  8. says

    i am really embarrassed at how behind i am on reading your posts. like, i’m sitting here and my cheeks are hot and red.

    i…cannot believe what you’re doing. i mean, not because i didn’t think you could do it, but because i’m so impressed and inspired and…giddy, really! with excitement for you.

    i really wanna buy one of your dresses and i still need to send that freaking pillow case!! what is my deal??

    like you said, we should live closer. we’d be really good friends, i just know it. :) you with your adorable creations and me trying to add a scarf/belt in some funky way… ha!

    okay, enough rambling…have a great weekend!