impromptu 'fun'

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my radio interview last week. I was feeling nervous about it, and the feedback was really nice – especially Justine who reckons my accent is hardly noticeable. Thanks honey! After 3 years in the midwest and everyone looking at me strangely when I open my mouth, it’s nice to hear it’s not soo bad. I’ve always thought the Perth accent was a pretty mild one… oh and I got a special chuckle when some of my Aussie readers told me I sounded American. hehe. love it.

Meanwhile, is it possible for a day to both be really good and really bad? Because if that’s the case, that was yesterday. It was a really great day, because I got a lot of work done (made a sample for my Fall collection), and Hubby surprised me by coming home early from work and taking me out on a coffee date… on the negative, it was stinkin hot, and little Buddy woke up 2 seconds after we arrived at the cafe and started crying, and Bunny (who is normally an angel) threw temper tantrums constantly, and poured hot chocolate everywhere. Ah the humour that is parenting! But at the end of the day, even though our little outing was an abysmal failure, I’m so grateful that I have such a thoughtful Hubby… and that we have a really great espresso machine so we can have our coffee dates on the deck!

Top: Target
Cardigan: Witchery
Skirt: Megan Nielsen (from a few years ago)
Belt: Banana Republic
Gladiators: Ninewest
Necklace: Vintage, via Ebay

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