DIY fridays: studded tshirt

Some people just cannot stand still… I’m one of them… it means I take a lot of odd looking photos. And I like how funny this photo looks… it’s like I’m doing some sort of dorky dance. Which by the way I do. All the time. Only it’s not dorky, it’s totally awesome. Awesome dorky dancing!

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who said hi yesterday! It was really fun browsing through all your blogs and getting to know you a bit more. I finally got over my lethargy in the late afternoon, just in time for Hubby to come home, so we took the kiddos for a walk around the block. I love walking. Sometimes I wish I lived in a small European town, so I could walk everywhere…. but I’m so getting off topic right now!

Sooooo I’ve been really into snazzing up T-shirts recently. Though I’m not a huge fan of T’s I guess I can’t ignore their practicality right now. Sooo I’m making an effort to make them more interesting. And I really love how this one came out! I feel like the studs give it a little hard edge, but somehow they almost look like jewelery?

Of course I have to give a  shoutout to Indiana who’s studded blazer gave me the original inspiration for this shirt. She explains pretty well how she did her blazer on her blog, and the concept is pretty much the same for the shirt. I just laid out the design I wanted, poked the spikes on the studs through the shirt, then bent them on the other side to secure them in place, then I hot glued the prongs together on the inside of the shirt, because turns out, tshirts are pretty thin and don’t hold studs very well. I think this would work way better on denim or leather.  Take note: future project. So what do you think, do you like it?

Top: DIY studded T
Skirt: Megan Nielsen, 2009
Shoes: Sachi

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    • Meg says

      Hey Justine – no they don’t, because they’re bent away from my skin, and secured with hot glue. So the prongs are covered by a thick layer of smooth glue. So I actually don’t feel anything.!

  1. says

    Oh my goodness! I love your t-shirt! It’s pretty AND edgy at the same time!

    Did you use studs meant for fabric? (i.e., 8-pronged studs instead of 4-pronged?) When I first started adding studs to pieces I didn’t know the difference and was using those meant for leather, and ended up tearing the fabric. Plus the ones for leather are much heavier than those meant for fabric, and the prongs are longer, so I can see how you would get scratched! (And need to cover the ends with hot glue!) In RTW if the stud prongs are scratchy on the inner side, a layer of soft fusible is added so the piece retains washability, rather than using hot glue which won’t. Or iron-on studs are used.) (Maybe something to consider for a future DIY?)

    Lovely job!

    ~~Tons of DIY tutorials and projects on my blog at! Please check them out!~~

  2. says

    I was going to suggest ironing on fusible interfacing (the pressed kind, like Vlieseline, no woven or knit) to strengthen an stabilize the fabric before applying the studs. I’m not talking from experience here though (however, snaps and grommets make you deal with the same issues, and I know about those…)

  3. says

    Augh! You’re so cute! Thanks for the shout-out, too. For your next stud project on thin material you may want to back the studs up with a panel of felt. I found that a row of my studs on my jacket kept falling out and once I added the felt, all better. No glue needed!

    I love this! Nice project!