How to make knee high socks from leggings

These socks used to be leggings. It was one of those cases of me buying something and not really paying attention till I washed it. You see, what I really wanted was purple tights. But somehow I bought the purple leggings instead and only noticed after I washed them. Urgh. Don’t get me wrong, I love leggings, but somehow I just never felt right, no matter how I styled them. I kind of liked it when I wore them this way, but even then I’m not in love with the look.

Solution? Change them! I normally wear knee high socks that are, well, like regular socks, and these ones are actually the same fabric as tights… but I really love it! It means I can wear them with more shoes because they’re so thin. I’m pretty much in love with these knee highs right now… I’m probably going to wear them a ridiculous amount!

Anyway, I thought it was such a nifty way to salvage the leggings that I want to share with you how easy it was:

I love easy refashions!! So if like me you’ve got some less than awesome leggings lying around that you wish you could use, give this a try! Oh and I’ve got a little idea about how to use the crotch section too, so hopefully I’ll get around to showing you guys soon.

Knee high socks: refashioned from Hue leggings
Shoes: Sachi
Skirt: Old Navy ($1, YES that’s right $1!!!)
Cardigan: Gap
Lace trim tank: Witchery
Belt: thrifted

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