A little ruffle is never enough…

I really can’t get enough of this ruffly dress… after I made it last year I pretty much wore it all summer and I think that’ll probably be the case again this summer! Though strangely, even though in reality it is a really pretty light green, every time I photograph it, it looks brown. yuck. Oh well, no claims to being an amazing photographer here!

Meanwhile, I soooo need a hair cut! My hair is getting a little too long and unmanageable these days… though at least it gives me an excuse to go a little juvenile and braid it up!

Dress: Megan Nielsen
Belt: Banana republic
Shoes: Gianni Bini from Dillards
Socks: Walmart

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  1. says

    I love side braids! They look especially cute on you! My hair isn’t quite long enough yet, my braids are still at the stubby looking stage. :)

  2. SAMANTHA says

    again you inspire me to wear more of the dresses hanging lonesome in my closet. do you wear all your cute outfits out about with the little ones? i always feel self concious if i dress cute and then am only running basic errands like grocery shopping or the bank– and feel like i am overdressed.
    do you ever wear jeans or sneakers day to day?

    • Meg says

      Hey Samantha! Yes I do actually! (well at least 90% of them, some are from dates with my Hubby) Sometimes I feel self conscious too, and I often get strange looks or my friends comment on it… but I get so much joy out of dressing cute, and I figure my hubby loves it and the greater issue is that everyone else is dressing like a shlump, not me dressing a little nice. lol! I do wear Jeans a lot, but I try to make them nice ones, and I honestly never wear sneakers unless I’m exercising.
      I actually get asked those Qs a lot so I’ll be doing a post on it tomorrow :) Anyway, I want to encourage you to go for it and wear your dresses! There’s always going to be someone who thinks you’re too dressed up, but it’s more important that you feel good!
      Meg xoxo

  3. aurelia says

    Bwauuahgha! I had those same braids yesterday to deal with gardening in our Iowa wind! I thought of you and your windy hair when I was working.

  4. SAMANTHA says

    THANKS Meg! :)
    I had asked my hubby before which he prefers (cute dressed up or mommy wear) and he said when I dress like a mommy. EWWW!
    I may have to keep working on him.