The big Winter Coat reveal!

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 1

So after much discussion, many late nights, cries of frustration and hours of hard work, here it is hot off the sewing machine, my wonderful new winter coat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! (don’t worry, those of you who’ve been waiting, I will be posting the last installments in my “Coat Construction” series in the next few days)

Oh my gosh I’m majorly crushing on this coat!!!

You may have noticed but I decided not to go with buttons (even though I had gorgeous ones all ready), because I felt they were detracting from the overall look. Instead I used giant snaps on the inside. I like this because they’re easy to remove, so when I get a tad chubbier I can just sew them on in a slightly different position, and my coat will still fit nicely.

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 3

Instead of using the coating fabric for the collar I used the fleece that I’d lined it with, kind of for 2 reasons. One, because I think it gives it a really nice contrast…

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 7

…and two, because I wanted to be able to fold the collar up when it get’s really cold and windy, and in those situations there’s nothing lovelier than fleece! And to that end, I added a removable cravat / scarf / tie up thingo, to help keep the collar closed. I like that it’s not only functional, but it’s cute and gives the coat a different overall look. This picture doesn’t show it very well, but it gives the appearance of a peter pan collar with a neck tie. LOVE!

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 4

I think the scarf even looks good just hanging there…

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 5

I’m just so glad that I put in all the extra details, like the fleece lining, fleece in the pockets and the thinsulate interlining. This coat is just crazy warm. It was so warm that the only part of me that felt cold was my face. It fooled me into thinking that it was a warm day… so I’m feeling really confident that it’s going to keep me toasty when it’s super frigid here. I can’t believe I managed to get the warmth of a puffer jacket into a tailored coat, yay! I’m also pretty jazzed about the length, I love to wear skirts and dresses in winter, and it makes all the difference to have a long coat!

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 6

Plus I just love the way it conforms to my tummy… and yet because of the pleats somehow most of the time it doesn’t really look like I’m pregnant at all (hehe this will change pretty soon when I become whale size!!). As a side note, don’t you just love these gloves?? They’re another one of the gorgeous vintage pieces passed on to me by my MIL, and I can’t get enough of how well they go with the coat (and my winter boots – look at me I’m super co-ordinated!! hehe)

2009-12-11 Winter Coat 2

So come on, tell me, what do you guys think?? Is this coat tres chic or what?

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  1. says

    It turned out really great. Really great idea with the snaps, thinking about how much more your body’s going to change.
    I guess all that work was worth was it

  2. says

    I just love your new winter coat. I should try to make one designed like yours. :D Maybe … one day. Anyway, I love your pictures too. :)

  3. Mauri says

    Wow, you did a wonderful job! I love the little scarf addition to keep you warm. I’m preggers too, not too far along yet, so I’m hoping my current coat will last me through the winter. :) Love the style of the coat, very chic, and the length is perfect.

  4. says

    You look radiant, a really beautiful coat, maternity or not! I survived two pregnancies in my dad’s wool genuine US Navy peacoat. Not as stylish but definitely warm. I was also on the lookout for a really good maternity fit but with good looking style and never found one or figured out a pattern. Yours is really great! The suiting stripe is sooo stylish!

  5. says

    Wow!! – that is absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job and you look great. So satisfying isn’t it to have it turn out so well.

    (I just popped over from Sew Mama Sew)

  6. says

    Beautiful, the contrasting collar is a great touch! I’ll second the comment above, I luuuuurve it, too! You also look completely fabulous!

  7. tessi says

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Pregnancy agrees with you – you are glowing! I also love the boots – where did you find them? I’ve been looking everywhere for that color of boot………………


  8. says

    Meg that turned out awesome! Fabulous darling, fabulous! Love the fabric choice, love the rounded edge at the bottom, love the collar, love the colour, LOVE IT.
    Must be so satisfying and even better, no one else has one like it. Coolness and congrats!

  9. Carolyn says

    What a great coat! I agree–no buttons is better. It looks clean and more streamlined. Now can you make me one? Ha ha!

  10. says

    What an adorable coat. Congrats!! Well done. Love the colour choice as well. Can you tell me did you follow the FBF programme in your sidebar. Just wondering how good it is. ? Happy day :)

  11. Denise Park says

    That is one beautiful coat! Did you use a pattern or just make it up yourself? Now you need to get something handknit to go with it :) I say that only cause I knit lol.

  12. says

    Tres chic! It is just gorgeous, and I love all the little details like the pleating, collar, ties, rounded edges… not to mention the fleece and thinsulate! So worth all your hard work.

  13. says

    That’s a beautiful coat and it looks so cozy and warm too! I love it, I hope someday I can find time to sew for myself when my triplets get older.

  14. says

    That is a gorgeous coat! I would love to make one for my SIL who is currently pregnant in Alaska. Did you make the pattern yourself or can I buy it somewhere?