Last minute Christmas gift bags from left over wrapping paper

You may have noticed that I’m not really a ‘crafter’. I love to design clothing and sew it up, but I’m not much for the handmade christmas ornaments, DIY lampshade or refinished antique dresser… of course desperate times call for desperate measures.

I happen to live on a street of martha stewarts. Every Christmas all my neighbours come over with gorgeous gift boxes full of baked treats wrapped in crepe paper and tied with gorgeous ribbons. sigh. I want to hate them… but unfortunately, I really like them all. They’re super nice ladies and we get along fantastically. rats. I’d also like to console myself that none of them have children and therefore have more time than me for domestic goddess-ness… unfortunately that’s also not the case as they all have more kids than me. double sigh? And really unfortunately I never live up to these amazing christmas goodie standards. This year is no different. I of course forgot to go buy gorgeous little boxes, pretty ribbons and crepe paper… and all my baking attempts have been huge disasters (apart from gingerbread).

Feeling like a pathetic excuse for a woman.

So today after I had a panic attack,  inspiration hit when I realised I could make cute little gift bags from left over wrapping paper, and fill them with gingerbread men (something I’m actually good at).  Hallelujah!

Here’s how I made them…


  • Left over wrapping paper (roughly in a square shape, I used a a piece 13″  13″, but the method is the same for any size)
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic glue, or scotch tape

Gift bags 3

Gift bags 5

Gift bags 6

Gift bags 7

Gift bags 8

Gift bags 9

Gift bags 11

Gift bags 12

Gift bags 13

Gift bags 14

Gift bags 16

Cost: $0

Time: 5 minutes

Sure I’m still not martha stewart, and it won’t be as amazing as whatever my friends have come up with… but at least it’s not a brown paper bag or a zip lock bag, and maybe this year I won’t be embarassed!!

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