My foray into overdying

First up I’d like to thank my friend Jessica over at What I Wore, for inspiring me finally take the plunge into overdying.

I’ve wanted to try dying for soooooo long, but I’m always too scared. What if I ruin something? But Jessica has had so many recent overdying successes, that I thought maybe I could do it too!!

Enter this skirt, made it many years ago and it’s been a favourite of mine for so long. So long that it’s faded really really really badly. Normally I throw things out when they get this faded, but this time I decided to try overdying… because seriously, I can’t bear to part with it!!!


Started reading the instructions and saw that I needed rubber gloves… I’m just gonna say it, they made me a bit crazy! Maybe it was the fumes… we’ll never know… Anyway, I don’t know why but suddenly started imagining myself in a 60’s tv commercial… I’m such a dork please forgive me!


And the finished product… SUCCESS!! I’m so happy with how this turned out. Seriously, try overdying, it’s awesome!!!

Meanwhile, did you notice the lovely top I’m wearing? It’s one I nicked from mom’s closet many years ago. She bought it as a teenager in the 70’s and I have always loved it! I’ve been wearing it pretty constantly since I was a teenager myself, which just goes to show that good clothes never go out of style. Anyway, I thought it would go perfectly with my sailor skirt, but then couldn’t find it. Turned out I’d left it in Perth, so I got my mom to send it with my in-laws when they came to visit this week. hurrah!!! Love it soooooo much, and can’t wait to pair it with my sailor skirt!

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  1. says

    You are a busy lady! I love seeing all your creations on WR. You should win for doing the most refashions!
    RIT dye is awesome. Love that stuff.
    Great work!
    – dana

  2. kelly says

    I LOVE that skirt!! Did you draft the pattern yourself? So cute. The dye gave you a brand new skirt

  3. Megan says

    Hi Kelly, yes it’s a self drafted pattern, I think you’re right, the dye gave it a whole new life :)

  4. JacRan says

    Love the top and love the skirt. I’ve been err–‘dying’ to try it too (ok was that REALLY such a bad joke? :P) …. probably don’t have that brand here but am off to a new Lincraft here and will see what they’ve got. xo