How to make a tulip skirt pattern Tulip Skirt 2
I love tulip skirts. Unfortunately I’ve never found a good pattern for one. Thankfully I now have my trusty pattern slopers to save the day! I took my pencil skirt pattern and altered it to make this skirt, and I am shocked with how well it turned out, and how easy it was.
However, though I used my slopers for this, you don’t need to have a set of slopers to do this. You could quite easily make a pattern for a tulip skirt from any pencil skirt pattern that you have.

Here are the steps:


This turned out so well that I’m planning to make another version with a more casual look.

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  1. Megan says

    Hi Perrine,
    That sounds absolutely fine to me :) Let me know if you need bigger pictures, I’d be happy to email them to you. I’m glad you like the tutorial :)

  2. says

    Thank you! I am translating it and I was wondering if you had a picture with the skirt only ?
    Kind regards, (my email : perrine at

    • Meg says

      Hi Perrine, I can definitely get you one. I’m just unpacking from my vacation, but I’ll email you one sometime this week :)

  3. caroline says

    Hi, it’s lovely. What have you done with the back of the skirt? Have you just done really big darts so that the sides match with the sides of the front?
    Thanks, Caroline

    • Meg says

      Hi Caroline, the back of the skirt is just like a regular pencil skirt with a pegged hem. So it has small small darts. But you could do the tulip style pleats in the back too :)

  4. tamie says

    hi,megan :) i really love your tulip skirt. it’s cute :)
    wondering can you email me the bigger pictures of the patterns? Can’t wait to make this one :).
    thanks :)

  5. Ming says

    Hi Megan! I really love what you did here. I was looking for tulip skirt patterns and I came across your website. I made one for myself too, but I seem to have a problem with the pleats? How do you fold/sew them? Coz mine didn’t turn out as similar as the pleats you have on your skirt.

    THANKS!! :)

  6. Saima says

    Thanks for this
    where do i have to draw the three slash lines? could you please be specific. how far apart do they have to be?

  7. Meg says

    Hi Saima, it’s really up to you where you put them :) if you click on the pictures above you’ll get a larger version which might help, but I think mine started at about 1/2″ from the centre front and then were about 1.5″ apart after that. Hope that helps :)

  8. SewDreamer says

    Thank you!! I wanted to make something similar to this but have it be knee length with the pleats coming to the bottom to make for more of a closed tulip look at the bottom, also was thinking of putting a thick black elastic belt at the top–do you have any quick ideas of how I can add this to your pattern?

  9. Missy P says

    Hi Megan,

    Amazing skirt with Great fabric. I’m kind of following a pattern for a dress but want to swap the pencil bottom of the dress for a tulip shape. Do you think that your skirt pattern could be adapted to be a bottom of a dress?

    Thanks for posting all of this online

  10. Christine says

    thank you for your tutorial, i have a question. What about the darts? will your wailstline not be to large because your pattern starts with the open darts en so your waistline keeps the measurement before you put in the darts.
    Sorry for my poor english

  11. Sarah says

    Thank you for the tutorial. But the larger images links seems to be broken. Can you please please please fix the links or email the images to me? Thank you!!

  12. Jake says

    Hi Megan,
    I found your tutorial on Perinne’s website (Petit Citron). I like this model very much. Would you be so kind to mail me the bigger pictures ?
    And yes, I’m a man and I like fashion for women and I’m almost 70 years.
    Kind regards,